Why Support

A local referendum on the November 2010 ballot received a 70 PERCENT YES vote from St. Louis voters. The people of St. Louis clearly want control of the St. Louis police department back in the City.

This initiative will save state and local taxpayers millions of dollars and increase the efficiency, accountability, and effectiveness of the St. Louis Police Department.

The state government should not be in the business of controlling the St. Louis police. This issue has overwhelming support, and the time to act is now.

St. Louis is one of the only cities in the entire country that currently does not control its own police force. Local control should be restored so that St. Louis can have control of its own police department, just like other cities throughout the state and the nation.

The Safer Missouri Coalition Initiative protects against corruption and political meddling. It does this by specifically prohibiting retaliation against any police officer who reports conduct that may be illegal or unethical.

This law has been in place for 150 years, and it has never made sense for the State of Missouri or the City of St. Louis. State control of St. Louis’ local police dates back to the Civil War, when pro-slavery politicians gave control of the St. Louis police department to a state board of political appointees. It’s time to change that outdated law.

The Safer Missouri Coalition Initiative protects the rights of St. Louis police officers and employees by specifically guaranteeing collective bargaining and the continuation of their pension and health insurance rights.

This initiative to restore local control of the St. Louis Police Department is supported by the St. Louis Police Officers Association, St. Louis City officials including Mayor Francis Slay, the Safer Missouri Citizens Coalition, and taxpayer advocates.

Plus, on a local referendum in 2010, nearly 70 percent of voters in St. Louis voted in favor of restoring local control of the St. Louis Police Department.

Because the Safer Missouri Coalition Initiative changes a state law, it requires approval by voters statewide. That’s why we need people all throughout Missouri sign our petition to place the initiative on the ballot. This ballot measure is a statutory initiative (not a constitutional amendment).

Plus, this issue affects all Missourians, not just the residents of St. Louis. Right now, all Missourians contribute their tax dollars to state government control of the St. Louis police department. The Safer Missouri Coalition Initiative would change that.