Thank You, Missouri, for Passing Proposition A!

Today, history was made. Missouri voters chose – decisively – to end a law with its roots in the Civil War. Today, our state’s voters passed Proposition A, to return control of the St. Louis Police Department to the people and the city of St. Louis. Today, the voters of Missouri joined together to ensure a brighter future for the citizens of St. Louis.

The struggle for local control has not been a brief one. For years, activists and forward-thinking legislators have worked to bring local control home to St. Louis. Our success would not exist without their efforts. We thank the leaders who have done so much in support of local control, including St. Louis Mayor Francis G. Slay, Senator Joe Keaveny, and Senator-Elect Jamilah Nasheed. Tonight, we celebrate this victory with them. We thank them for their unwavering support.

We also thank the elected officials and groups throughout Missouri who endorsed Prop A, who stood up and said “Yes!” for local control weeks and months before a single ballot was cast. Our support extends to every corner of the state, urban and rural, Democrat and Republican.

Tonight, we share our gratitude with the voters of Missouri, who understood the need for local control and passed Prop A by an overwhelming 63.9%. Tonight is historic. Tonight shows that Missouri voters want what is best for all our citizens. Tonight, after more than 150 years, we are bringing local control home to St. Louis.