St. Louis Police Officers Association Reaffirms Position on Proposition A

St. Louis Police Officers Association Reaffirms Position on Proposition A

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St. Louis Police Officers Association Reaffirms its Position on Local Control Ballot Compromise

St. Louis, Missouri (October 16, 2012) – The Executive Board of the St. Louis Police Officers Association emerged from a meeting of its elected officers today with a unified message on Proposition A, the City Control Compromise.

The Board unanimously reaffirmed its neutral position on Prop A today, describing it as a “compromise that transfers day-to-day operation of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department over to the City but retains state control over critical issues like health insurance, survivor benefits, residency and most importantly, pension benefits.”

The Executive Board and the Association President, Dave Bonenberger, dismissed concerns over a personal letter that had surfaced from Bonenberger as the “personal opinions of an individual member.”  Bonenberger, speaking on behalf of the Association, said this of the ballot proposal, “We reached a compromise that represents the best interest of the commissioned, civilian and retired members of the department, that protects their benefits, guarantees them collective bargaining rights and fully-funded a $2.5 million increase to the salary matrix.  When a policeman gives you his word it means something.  We reached the best compromise for our members and retirees.  We’re not ashamed of that and we’re certainly not going back on our word now.”


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