KC Star: KC Needs Local Control

KC Star: KC Needs Local Control

The Fraternal Order of Police would like to make it clear who runs the Kansas City Police Department.

It’s certainly not the mayor or City Council members, elected by the people. That’s because Kansas City is one of only two cities in the nation (St. Louis is the other) without local control of its police force.

But it turns out that the state-created Board of Police Commissioners can’t always tell police officers what to do, either.

As a recent lawsuit by the FOP indicates, the men and women of the Police Department think they are in a special class. They receive tens of millions of dollars a year in public funds for their salaries, health benefits and pensions. However, when it comes to controlling these costs on behalf of taxpayers, the police contend they don’t always have to listen to the mayor, council or even the police board.

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