Columbia Daily Tribune Encourages a YES Vote on Prop A!

Columbia Daily Tribune Encourages a YES Vote on Prop A!

Prop A: Vote ‘Yes’


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Most voters hereabouts will not know what to think about Proposition A, the proposed state constitutional amendment on the Nov. 6 ballot that would end a century and a half of governance for police departments in St. Louis and Kansas City by a state board.

State control was established amid political turmoil after the Civil War.

Through the years, federal judges have criticized lackluster state oversight of the St. Louis Police Department. Even from this distance, it seems to make sense for local police to be managed by local officials. Most police officers support Prop A, but some oppose the change, alleging it will open the way for too much local political control.

Well, yes. Local control inherently means political control, not an inherently fraudulent concept. No other way exists for any government to manage a public service. When political control is misused, it is the fault of managers, not the system they are using.

Voters throughout the state will vote whether to return the two city departments to local control. We should say “yes.”

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