Civic Group “Saint Louis is a World Class City” Encourages a YES Vote on Prop A!

Civic Group “Saint Louis is a World Class City” Encourages a YES Vote on Prop A!
Dear STL-World Class City Dwellers:

We have long believed that Saint Louis is a World Class City. Our magnificent cultural resources, our top-notch universities, and our beautiful parks make Saint Louis what it is today: a thriving community that we are proud to call home.

Because we love Saint Louis,  we are realistic about the issues that hold us back. One such issue is the fact that Saint Louis City does not control its own police department.  In fact, our city is only one of two cities in the entire nation that does not have local control. We have been concerned about this for years and that’s why we strongly support Proposition A, the ballot initiative that would return control of the Saint Louis police department to the City and the people of Saint Louis.

Proposition A is a common-sense measure that is good for the City, the broader Saint Louis community, and the state of Missouri. Local control will increase the efficiency and the accountability of the Saint Louis police department, and we are told that it will save state and local taxpayers at least $4.5 million each year. Jefferson City should not be in the business of running the St. Louis police department. It’s time that we change this outdated law which dates back to the Civil War!  Such “non-local” control makes no sense for modern-day Saint Louis.

The people of Saint Louis deserve control of its own police department. In fact, not only do they deserve it, they want it. In a non-binding referendum on the November 2010 ballot, more  than 70 percent of St. Louis City voters voted in favor of local control. That vote was symbolic, but very meaningful. The passage of Proposition A this November would be far more than symbolic – it would finally return local control to our beloved Saint Louis.

Our friends in outstate Missouri support Prop A because of the significant tax savings it will bring about, and because they understand that the people of Saint Louis truly want local control. Additionally, Prop A specifically protects police officers from political meddling and retaliation. It also protects their pensions, their health insurance, and their collective bargaining rights. Plus, it makes the police accountable to the citizens they are sworn to protect.

The passage of Proposition A, the Local Control Initiative, would be a major step forward for our state, our city, and the broader Saint Louis community. We want the best for Saint Louis, the hometown that so many of us love. As the motto of our group shouts to the world – Saint Louis is a World Class City, and world-class cities deserve local control. On November 6, we will be voting YES on Proposition A, and encourage you to do the same.

To learn more about this important ballot initiative check out the following website:

On behalf of STL-World Class CIty, we thank for your support.

Bill Frisella and Charles Schmitz, Ph.D., Co-Chairs

And speaking of Saint Louis — check out this locally produced video about Our Town.  It is fantastic!



Saint Louis is a World Class City

World Class City Initiative

A group of ordinary Saint Louis citizens is engaged in a grass roots effort to promote Saint Louis as a World Class City.

If Saint Louis City and Saint Louis County were considered one entity, it would be the equivalent in population to the 8th largest city in the USA!

The Mission of STL–World Class City is to lay the foundation for Saint Louis County to extend its boundaries to include Saint Louis City no later than the 250th Anniversary of the City in 2014, and thus become the 91st municipality in Saint Louis County.

We are also committed to a “statistical reclassification” of our community so that statistical information about “Saint Louis” reflects the broader community (Saint Louis City and County combined; Saint Louis Combined Metropolitan Statistical Area) and in so doing reflects a far fairer way of portraying the quality of life in our community.

And finally, we are committed to doing a better job of promoting the very high quality of life in the Saint Louis region to ourselves and to the outside world.  Where we live is second to none and we need to help others learn about all of the wonderful assets in our town — Saint Louis!

A serious regional, non-partisan conversation will be established by wide-spread communication to residents in the City and County regarding the advantages of re-entry and to accomplish the legal steps necessary for re-entry. We are all Saint Louisians! It is time we started acting like it!

We need volunteers with expertise on a variety of fronts.  We Need You!

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